Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lagniappe featured in the Spring 2011 issue of D Weddings!

Lagniappe Weddings is featured in the 
"Whats Hot and Not in Wedding Trends" in the
Spring 2011 issue of D Weddings!

Trudy Baade
Lagniappe Weddings | lagniappeweddings.com | 214-548-1433
Hot: Romance is back! Romantic dresses and the combination of romantic color palettes in shades of whites and pinks. Small-plate dinner/cocktail reception—it provides a great flow to the party, avoiding lines of a buffet-style reception. Creative layouts for the reception for an aesthetically pleasing look for your guests, whether it’s a seated dinner or cocktail reception. 
Not: Honestly, we’re not over any trends! Most brides plan their wedding to incorporate some type of trend where in most cases their guests will see it for the first time, and so their wedding becomes a trendsetting event among their friends and family.
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